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Every two week's Tony Delahunty is joined by some of the towns top legal brains, to chat about a range of legal issues. The program airs every second Tuesday, and features solicitors from Banner Jones and Hopkins on a range of different topics. See below for a full list of shows

Legal Eagles | Series Four with Hopkins and Banner Jones

SE04EP14 | Banner Jones 'Education In Law'

SE04EP13 | Banner Jones 'Safety'

SE04EP12 | Banner Jones 'Employment'

SE04EP12 | Banner Jones 'Relationships'

SE04EP11 | Hopkins 'Careers'

SE04EP10 | Hopkins 'Probate'

SE04EP09 | Banner Jones 'Wills'

SE04EP08 | Banner Jones 'Wills & Probate'

SE04EP07 | Hopkins 'Divorce Law'

SE04EP06 | Banner Jones 'Family Law'

SE04EP05 | Hopkins 'Employment Law'

SE04EP05 | Hopkins 'Tenants And Landlords'

SE04EP04 | Banner Jones 'Property At Auction'

SE04EP03 | Banner Jones 'Emploment Law'

SE04EP02 | Hopkins 'Commercial Letting'

SE04EP01 | Hopkins 'First Time Buyers'


This series of Legal Eagles is produced by James Brandon

Candidates Confirmed For Local Elections

The full line-up of candidates standing in the Mansfield District Mayoral and Mansfield District Council and Warsop Parish Council elections, on Thursday 2 May, has been confirmed.

Legal Eagles: Getting Your Affairs in Order

Recently there have been news headlines about a Nottinghamshire father of two, aged 30, believed to be one of the youngest people in the country living with dementia – the news has promoted health bosses to urge people to get their affairs in order.

Legal Eagles: The Civil Liberty Bill & The Effect on Personal Injury Claims

Have you had an accident at work? That's the question most of us are asked by injury claim firms - but what happens when you genuinely do have a claim to make?

What to do when relationships break down | Legal Eagles

New figures show there are over SIX MILLION couples in the UK who jointly own a house and are living together, but aren’t married – but what complications does this bring legally, should the relationship breakdown?

Renting Commercial Property: A Tenants Guide to commercial leases | Legal Eagles

Our regular legal advice show returns to take a look at renting a commercial property, giving prospective tenants first hand expert advice.

First Time Buying: Residential Conveyancing Explained | LEGAL EAGLES WITH HOPKINS

Buying a property for the very first time on the open market can be a stressful affair, especially when it comes to Residential Conceyancing – our fortnightly show Legal Eagles delves deeper into the subject (tomorrow, Tuesday, 6pm).

Managing Childcare and Full Time Employment | Legal Eagles with Banner Jones

Managing the issue of childcare with difficult working hours can be a nightmare, especially for single parents – Tonight’s Legal Eagles looks further at the problems faced by parents, sharing some key advice.

Advice on Lasting Power of Attorney | LEGAL EAGLES with Banner Jones

Our fortnightly Legal Advice show returns tomorrow with Banner Jones solicitors giving advice of the Lasting Power of Attorney.

GDPR Emails will calm down insists local solicitor | Legal Eagles Preview

The barrage of GDPR emails flooding peoples’ inboxes over the past week will calm down according to a local solicitor, as the regular changes go under the spotlight in tonight’s Legal Eagles.

Legal Eagles SE03EP23 Medical Negligence with Hopkins

Our regular legal advice show looks at Medical Negligence this week as Ian Corbitt from Hopkins Solicitors joins Tony Delahunty.

Legal Eagles | Series Three, with Banner Jones and Hopkins

SE03EP26 | Banner Jones 'Working Parents Rights'

SE03EP25 | Banner Jones 'Lasting Power Of Attorney - The differences'

SE03EP24 | Hopkins 'GDPR'

SE03EP23 | Hopkins 'Medical Negligence'

SE03EP22 | Hopkins 'Road Accident Claims' 

SE03EP21 | Banner Jones 'Landlord & Tennant Power' 

SE03EP20 | Banner Jones 'Under the hammer' - Tuesday 27th March 

SE03EP19 | Hopkins 'The Lasting Power Of Attorney' - Tuesday 13th March

SE03EP18 | Banner Jones 'Probate' - Tuesday 6th March

SE03EP17 | Hopkins 'Mediation, A role play' - Tuesday 6th February 

SE03EP16 | Banner Jones 'Divorce & Family Law' - Tuesday 23rd January 

SE03EP15 | Hopkins 'Executor To A Will' - Tuesday 9th January 2018

SE03EP14 | Hopkins 'Consumer Rights' - Tuesday 12th December 2017

SE03EP13 | Banner Jones 'Christmas Parties & Employment Law' - Tuesday 28th November 2017 

SE03EP12 | Hopkins 'Winter Road Accidents' - Tuesday 14th November 2017 

SE03EP11 | Banner Jones 'Leaseholds' - Tuesday 31st October 2017

SE03EP10 | Hopkins 'Common HR Issues' - Tuesday 17th October 2017

SE03EP09 | Banner Jones 'Business Matters' - Tuesday 3rd October 2017

SE03EP08 | Hopkins 'Domestic Abuse' with the NIDAS Charity - Tuesday 19th September 2017

SE03EP07 | Banner Jones 'Wills' - Tuesday 5th September 2017 

SE03EP06 | Hokpins 'Buying At Auction' - Tuesday 22nd August 2017

SE03EP05 | Banner Jones 'Employment Law' - Tuesday 8th August 2017

SE03EP04 | Hopkins 'Family Law' - Tuesday 25th July 2017

SE03EP03 | Banner Jones 'Resolving Disputes' - Tuesday 11th July 2017

SE03EP02 | Hopkins 'Work Place Injury Claims' - Tuesay 27th June 2017

SE03EP01 | Banner Jones 'Getting on the Property Ladder' - Tuesday 13th June 2017 


This series of Legal Eagles is produced by Craig Priest

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