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​Social Media Sites Urged To Take Action As Online Bullying Is On The Rise

14th November 2016

Social Media Sites Urged To Take Action As Online Bullying Is On The Rise

Social Networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are being urged to take more action over online bullying, as new statistics revealed at the start of Anti Bullying Week, show there’s been nearly a 90% rise in the number of children targeted online in the last five years.

Politics appears the most likely subject to provoke insults, followed by sport whilst research has found most cyber-bullying on Twitter takes place on Sunday evenings.

Natalie Harvey is the founder of Combat Bullying in Nottinghamshire and has suffered at the hands on online trolls “Somebody found a photograph from when I was younger, when I was a little girl, and I had a very different image to other people and somebody found it amusing and shared the photograph all over social media. I was in my thirties when it happened and it was really quite dark and scary and  thought gosh if I’m thirty and feeling like this, how on earth do Children feel when it happens to them? Bullying is 24/7 nowadays”

There have been calls for social media sites to do more to prevent online bullying, something Natalie agrees with “They’ve got lots of questions to answer, I think ultimately the buck starts and stops with them and obviously the people that are sending the malicious communications as well.”

More on how Combat Bullying can help can be found by clicking HERE. Whilst numerous pieces of advice, including more from Natalie, can be heard in our recent News In Focus program, which tackled the issue of Bullying here. Click HERE to listen to the show. 

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