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Rainworth School To Benefit From £4.5million Project

20th March 2018
News, Mansfield

Six more primary schools across the county will getting extra classrooms before the end of 2018 as a result of work being carried out by Nottinghamshire County Council to upgrade school accommodation for pupils and staff.

The £4.5m programme includes replacing mobile classrooms, preparing for a projected increase in demand for school places, and more comfortably housing pupils where the schools are already under pressure to accommodate a surge in pupil numbers.

Following today’s (Mon, 19 Mar) meeting of the Council’s children and young people’s committee, which received an update about overall progress on its schools capital programme, committee chairman Councillor Philip Owen said: “This investment will help improve the learning environment for both pupils and staff by providing light, airy and spacious permanent classrooms in place of the previous temporary ones or providing additional accommodation that allows for the current and projected increase in demand for primary school places in certain areas of the county.

“In the process, 33 more places are also being created overall.

“This £4.5m is cash we received from the Government’s Basic Needs Fund as our 2017/18 allocation. The amount we get annually is based on information we supply about school capacities, admission numbers and projected future demand for places. We also receive additional funding through developer contributions where those extra places arise from new housing being built.”

Expansion work at the following six schools is either complete, or contractors are currently on site or are due to start building over the next few months:
- Brinsley Primary School – one extra classroom has been built to provide extra room for pupils where the school is already oversubscribed 
- Brookside Primary School, East Leake – three additional classrooms and an additional 15 places to cater for current and anticipated demand for places from the nearby housing development
- Clarborough Primary School, Retford – 10 additional places being created and two additional classrooms to also cater for an already oversubscribed school
- North Wheatley C of E Primary School, Retford – two more classrooms to be  built, putting less pressure on existing space and creating eight additional place
-       Coddington Primary School, Newark and Lake View Primary School, Rainworth – two permanent classrooms being created at each school replacing double mobile classrooms in each case.

“We have also earmarked more than £20m for school place planning for the coming year and are currently undertaking feasibility studies with the aim of creating several hundred additional places by 2020/21,” added Coun Owen.

“We have a statutory duty to ensure we have sufficient school places across all schools, irrespective of whether they are academies, local authority maintained or otherwise governed.”

And once complete, 13 new school buildings will replace 15 existing school sites. These total rebuilds under the Government’s Priority Schools Building Programme were made possible following a number of successful bids by the County Council.

In terms of other replacement school buildings, the Council has also set aside capital funding towards providing a new school in Bestwood and a replacement school for Orchard Special School in Newark - plans for both are progressing. And cash has also been allocated towards the cost of a new school on the Rolls-Royce site at Hucknall (approximate site for it circled in photo) - this is currently at feasibility stage.

Between 2012 and 2017/17, the Council has also invested £81m, through its Schools Capital Refurbishment Programme (SCRP), in schemes to address the deteriorating condition of schools which fall beyond the scope of its annual planned maintenance programme.

“Since we approved this programme in 2011 - which is now complete - we have delivered major refurbishment works to around 260 schools,” said Coun Owen.

“And our subsequent £5.74m building improvement programme has been focusing on specific areas of maintenance to help our school buildings function more efficiently long-term.”

Work so far has included upgrading biomass school boilers to bring them up to current standards, improving kitchen ventilation and replacing old heating pipes so they can cope with the demands of modern boilers.


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