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'Over 70' Coronavirus Cases Said To Be At Amazon Construction Site In Sutton

16th September 2020
News, Ashfield

We received an anonymous email today regarding the safety of workers at the Amazon construction site in Sutton.

It reads as follows:


"16 September 2020

Dear Newsdesk,

 As of this morning we are now aware of over 70 cases of Coronavirus amonst the construction staff at the Amazon site in Sutton-in-Ashfield (Summit Park site).

Tracing reveals that it is largely due to workers who share 'digs' and are not self-isolating when a room-mate becomes unwell with the virus, or delelops symptoms of the virus/ There's a 'hush-hush' going on, they don't want the true figures released.

There is little adherence to social distancing with workers unable to abide by the 1 or 2 meter rules both within the site, and espeically the sanitary (toilet facilities) available. Similarly canteen areas are inadequate. It's going to keep rising and these men and women come into contact with hundreds of people outside of work.

Amazon need to be accountable and provide safer working environments.

The Construction Staff"


Ashfield District Council Leader Jason Zadrozny has previously stated, "it is important that government guidance is strictly followed to stop further cases. Ashfield District Council will continue to work closely with Public Health and the contractors to maintain the safety of workers on the site.”


Photo: Chris Etches


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