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News In Focus Blog | Bonfire Night – Pet Consideration

2nd November 2016
Matt Freeman, News In Focus

News In Focus Blog | Bonfire Night – Pet Consideration 

As this week’s News In Focus takes a look at bonfire night safety, I have a feeling that as you continue to read this blog, you’re already getting a desire to use me as Guy Fawkes on your bonfire!

Why, well simply as a Dog owner – I get increasing cheesed off every year when fireworks start going off left right and centre…. WEEKS, before Bonfire NIGHT – the clue is in the title people, NIGHT! SINGULAR!!!

OK, two or three days either side of November 5###sup/sup### are OK, especially if it happens to fall midweek, but seriously, what’s the need to be setting off fireworks three or four weeks before?

Especially when they can really petrify our pets.

I currently own a Border Collie, last year was our first year with him and to be fair he was OK with fireworks, he’s that daft he probably had no idea what was going off! That was until about three or four days after Bonfire Night when some (insert own word here!) started letting off fireworks around 1am and caused Harry to have night terrors.

He started howling and was so scared he couldn’t settle in his cage downstairs, he’d have to come upstairs with myself and my partner at the time – even though he seemed more comforted by being near to us, the slightest bang and he’d be up whining and jumping on me preventing my beauty sleep!

That continued for three or four nights straight before the noises died down and we were able to get him settled downstairs again, and whilst he won’t be with me this year – I worry about how he’ll react.

When I was growing up, I also had a dog called Jaz, she was never allowed upstairs bar when the fireworks started, she’d dart upstairs when she heard the first bang and not leave under my bed until it went away.

People forget that dogs hearing is far more sensitive than ours and I actually find it rude that neighbours can pass you in the street and fuss your dog, but when it comes to Guy Fawkes night, totally forget about the impact it has on them.

I enjoy Bonfire night, I think it’s a magical thing – but would it really hurt to, especially if you know, pop round and warn a neighbour about any parties or plans to let the fireworks off. That way they can prepare by giving the dog a safe place to be or if the dog has reacted really badly in the past, medicine advised by pet stores and vets.

If not for the dog, then for the sake of my beauty sleep – enjoy the fireworks but be conscious of those around you. I mean how can you resist the picture! - Craig     

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