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12th September 2017
Sport, News, Team Talk


The final episode of series four of Team Talk is now online to hear again - with James Brandon joined by Peter Johnson and Peter Jones, as the team reflect on the weekend’s news that Cuckney have regained the Notts Premier League title.

Also on this week’s show as Peter Jones and Peter Johnson join James to review the season, we hear from Welbeck coach Paul Johnson following the clubs relegation.

The panel also pick their players of the season in a number of categories and we bring an end to Quick Cricket – will Ian Parkin, who nominated “the best player available” to take his place or Paul Johnson be crowned the champion?

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Quick Cricket

All season long Peter Johnson has argued that the rules of the game were not properly explained when he participated in the first epsiode of the series, so with the series coming to a close - we opted to give him another shot, giving him the option to keep whichever score was his best in the final league standings - in the questions below, he scored just six runs [One correct answer]...

Which C we’re crowed Champions of the 2017 NPL season? CUCKNEY

Which R was beaten in a thrilling duel at the Great North Run yesterday by Mo Farrah? Robertson [Jake Robertson]

Which I made 17 apparences, scoring one goal for Yeovil Town between 1978 & 1980, before establishing himself as a cricketer? IAN (Ian Botham)

Which C won the Grand National as the Jockey of ‘Party Politics’ in 1992 and of ‘Earth Summit’ in 1998? CARL (Carl Llewellyn)

Which K was the man who refereed both the 1993 FA Cup final between Arsenal and Sheffield Wednesday and the subsequent replay, after the first game was tied? KEREN (Keren Barratt)

Which E was the club managed by Paul Cox, prior to his appointment at Mansfield Town in the summer of 2011? EASTWOOD


Finally, which T finished joint bottom of the 2004 Olympic Games medal tables, with just one bronze medal? Trinidad & Tobago 

Final Table

Contestant Runs Time Penalties Total Score
Ian Parkin 36 00:00:42 1 36 Runs in 00:00:48
Paul Johnson 36 00:00:42 1 36 Runs in 00:00:48
Jason Harrison 36 00:00:48 1 36 Runs in 00:00:52
Andy Hunt 30 00:00:46 2 30 Runs in 00:00:54
Paul Franks 30 00:00:49 2 30 Runs in 00:00:57
James Brandon 30 00:00:58 2 30 Runs in 00:01:06
Craig Priest 24 00:00:35 3 24 Runs in 00:00:47
Matt Freeman 24 00:00:45 3 24 Runs in 00:00:57
Robin Maxwell 24 00:00:55 3 24 Runs in 00:01:07
Peter Jones 24 00:00:56 3 24 Runs in 00:01:08
Sam Johnson 24 00:01:05 3 24 Runs in 00:01:21
Matt New 24 00:01:38 3 24 Runs in 00:01:50
Michael Blatherwick 18 00:00:49 4 18 Runs in 00:01:05
Chris Glover 18 00:01:00 4 18 Runs in 00:01:16
Dylan Bharmby  18 00:01:12 4 18 Runs in 00:01:28
Peter Johnson 18 00:01:15 4 18 Runs in 00:01:31
Chris Priest 18 00:01:24 4 18 Runs in 00:01:40
Ian Dipaolo 18 00:01:40 4 18 Runs in 00:01:56
Brian Wilkinson 12 00:00:52 5 12 Runs in 00:01:12

The Final Over

With the scores tied, we needed to find a winner... Ian Parkin was unable to make it due to work commtiments so nominated "the next best player you can get"... Which was Matt Freeman. He went head to head with Paul Johnson answering six sporting general knowledge questions with a tie-breaker also asked - just encase! 

NOTE: The questions were asked seperatley and edited together 

Here's the questions and answers... 

Question 1

Who was the only heavyweight champion to finish his boxing career with a perfect record? (49 wins-0 defeats)  Rocky Marciano

Question 2

Based on the number of Major Championships won (Masters, U.S. Open, The Open, PGA), who is the most successful golfer ever from outside the United States? Gary Player

Question 3

“Roaming on ash” is an anagram of which English cricketer. CLUE, He plays for Durham and has been capped by England as a right arm fast-medium bowler and a right-hand tail-end batsman. Graham Onions

Question 4

At which US sports event did Janet Jackson famously suffer a wardrobe malfunction? The Superbowl.

Question 5

Which American broke 7 world records and won 7 gold medals at the 1972 Olympic games? Mark Spitz

Question 6

In American Football, what phrase is used to describe the team which defends the player who kicks off and thus incurs extreme violence from their opponents? The Suicide Squad

TIE BREAKER (Closest Wins)


What number to do get when you add the number of players in a cricket team [11] to the number of senior England caps won by David Beckham [115] (126), added to the number of sixes scored by Ian Botham for England [67] (193). Multiply this number by the amount of Wimbledon finals [excluding the Olympic games] played in by Andy Murray [3] (327) – finally subtract the age of England manager Gareth Southgate [47]…. 280      


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