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​Fraud and cybercrime cost Derbyshire more than £13 million in the past year

18th October 2016

Fraud and cybercrime cost Derbyshire more than £13 million in the past year

People and small businesses across Derbyshire are being urged to start making every day safer as part of Get Safe Online Day 2016, which takes place today (Tuesday 18th October)
This comes after latest figures from Get Safe Online and the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) revealed how £13.8 million was lost in the county as a result of fraud, including cybercrime, in 2015/16.
The research also showed a gap in people’s understanding of what constitutes an online crime - 88% of people who took part in the survey from the East Midlands said that they had not been targeted by cybercriminals in the past 12 months. However, 73% had in fact been targeted in a variety of ways:
·         57% received fraudulent emails or messages which have attempted to direct them to websites where their personal information could have been stolen, including bank details, user names and passwords; 
·         30% reported being contacted by someone who was trying to trick them into giving away personal information;
·         9% had their email or social media accounts hacked;
·         5% had been victims of ransomware.
Of those who said they had been a victim of cybercrime, 43% said they felt that the matter was too trivial to report.
The survey also showed that may people in East Midlands are not taking the basic steps to keep themselves safe online with as many as 47% saying that they use the same password for multiple online accounts. 
The research also showed that respondents in the area only update their security software every 9 monthsand 18% do not update their device operating systems at all. When it comes to taking care of personal information, 20% said they never update their privacy settings on social media, with 76% saying they did not know how to. Additionally, 32% don’t back up their documents and photographs at all.
Tony Neate, Chief Executive of Get Safe Online, comments: “The fact that the UK is losing nearly £11 billion to cyber criminals is frightening and highlights the need for each and every one of us to make sure we are taking our online safety seriously. It is clear from our survey that people are very concerned, and rightly so.
“The fact that over a third of people felt there was nothing that could have been done to stop them becoming a victim is alarming indeed – particularly when it’s so easy to protect yourself online. Also, as our research shows, people are losing large sums of money on average - £523 being the equivalent of a holiday abroad or the price of a new piece of technology in the home. As a result, it seems there is still a big education job to do.
“Let’s not let cyber criminals get away with it anymore by ensuring that each and every one of us is updating the operating systems of our various devices and ensuring security software is always updated. What’s more we all need to ensure that we have a different password for each online account we own and website we visit. Online safety needs to be part of our everyday routines.”
This year’s Get Safe Online Day is encouraging everyone to start making every day safer by following a few simple steps:

  • Check your social media privacy settings. Make sure your information and updates are seen only by those you trust.
  • Update your operating system and software programs/apps on your computer, mobile phone and tablet if you’ve been prompted to do so. It takes only a few minutes and with your mobile devices, you can even do it while you’re asleep.  
  • Back up your information – using the cloud is a great way to save all your documents, photos, music, emails and other irreplaceable files.
  • Check that your internet security software and apps are up to date and switched on.
  • If you have children, think about whether you’re doing enough to help ensure they’re staying safe online.

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