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Thursday 26th November
Witnesses Needed To Mansfield Collision
Police are appealing for witnesses to come forward after a collision in Mansfield on Monday 23rd November at around 6.20pm.
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6th April, 2013
World Championships and the Thai recovery

It\'s almost a month to the day that I set off to Japan to play in the Sledge Hockey Pool B World Championships. And what a journey it was.& ... More
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Friday 27th November
Young Pair Go Out On Loan
Mansfield Town midfielder Joe Fitzpatrick and full-back Conor Green have been sent out on loan to Carlton Town and Gresley, respectively.
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Ian Watkins

OK, so let me be the first to admit I've been a little lazy when it comes to updating this page on the website.

It's now been nearly two years since Souptober and If you remember back that far the feature ended with me having an on air row with the Mansfield based chef Craig French about payment. You'll be glad to know we have since shook hands and moved on from the incident. Pleasingly no money changed hands because I still stand by everything I said on the radio that day!

So, what's the latest? Well we've welcomed a new member to the team this summer. Jason Harrison is now reading the news and sport in the morning. He's doing a much better job than the previous reader who was an incompetent fool at the best of times. Glad to see the back of him.

Meanwhile, it's pretty much business as usual. I continue to play all the hits all of the time with a flavouring of local delights provided by Tony the news guru plus Erica Dancer (not Erotica Dancer) delivers the travel expertly even though she didn't know The Major Oak was the name of the tree where Robin Hood used to hang out.

Don't worry I've now educated her and she'll never forget the name until the day she dies. She tells me she sometimes wakes up in a cold sweat shouting out for the mighty oak like some kind of crazed banshee.

Let's be honest, the chances of me updating this regularly are slim but here's my promise to you. I will often think about doing it but not get round to doing it.

Keep an eye out for the new taxi stickers and if you use social media please use the hash brown #TEAMWATKO if you want to make comments about myself or the show. It makes it easier for me to find and read the abuse which I use for character building purposes.

Take care for now, I'll catch you in the morning Monday through Friday (if I'm not having one of my many holidays as pointed out by my listener/nemesis Philip Mitchell)

Best Wishes,

Watko's Potted Profile
Born: May 24, 1978 at Kings Mill Hospital in Sutton

Career: Left Sherwood Hall Upper School in 1996 and went to University in Norwich. Studied History and Film Studies. Did a brief spell as a painter of toy soldiers for Britain's in Nottingham before getting into radio in the year 2000 as an unpaid tea urn (intern).

High point: Presenting TFF aka the 'That Friday Feeling' phone in show on Mansfield 103.2

Low point: Presenting TFF aka the 'That Friday Feeling' phone in show on Mansfield 103.2

Something You Didnít Know: He always dances round the studio when he plays The Friday Song (Jump In Line by Harry Belafonte) and sometimes he's dressed as a bride.

He says: 'By my calculations I'm the longest serving Breakfast Show host in 103.2 history. 5 years and a bit of getting up at the crack of dawn! I'm either made of tough stuff or I'm a total idiot'

Someone says: 'He's OK.'

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