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Here at Mansfield 103.2 we are delighted to launch our “Stub It Out” campaign, which will coincide with the national “Stoptober” campaign to help people quit the fags for a healthier life. 

Here in the East Midlands, and in Mansfield in particular, the number of smokers is above the national average – and our campaign is launching to offer alternative advice and more personal stories to try and help you quit.

Every day on the Katie Trinder breakfast show and with Watko in the afternoon – we’ll be airing different bits of advice, ranging from information on the impact on your health, to the best strategies for quitting. 

We’ll also have information and blogs right here to support you through your journey, with a new post and exclusive content every day. 

We are also particularly keen to share your stories too through “Stub It Out” – Are you a smoker looking to quit? Do you have a family member who wants to quit or who you want to encourage to quit? Are you an ex-smoker whose seen the benefits of quitting? 

Whatever it is, we’d love to hear from you, Give Producer Craig Priest a call on 01623 666 020, email or fill in the form below.

All the information you need will be right here as we help you Stub it out, this Stoptober.  

Click below to listen to read our 'Stub It Out' blogs or listen to our special 'Stub It Out: News In Focus' programme.

STUB IT OUT | Smokers won’t quit over weight gain concerns

14th October 2016
A new study carried out by Slimming World UK for Stoptober shows that over half of UK smokers won’t quit, over concerns of weight gain.

​STUB IT OUT | E-Cigs – A smokers perspective

13th October 2016
As smokers look to cut out tobacco from their lives, they will suffer from withdrawal symptoms as the absence of tobacco takes hold.

STUB IT OUT | The Quit List

11th October 2016
As stoptober continues, those looking to give up the fags often don’t know where to start – but making a “quit list” is the perfect starting block

​STUB IT OUT | DAY 1 – It’s all about the money

3rd October 2016
With Christmas fast approaching, here at Mansfield 103.2 we’re always looking at ways to help you – so here’s two for the price of one!

​News In Focus Blog | Stub It Out – Growing up around smoke

1st October 2016
This week’s News In Focus program takes a look at Stoptober and also marks the launch of our “Stub It Out” campaign which runs throughout Octobe

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