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Join us on the breakfast show with John B Tannen every weekday morning from six till ten. Just after eight he'll be playing the Mystery Voice Competition brought to you by Abacus Cars... your local taxi company taking you to airports, coasts and more. Call Mansfield 403681. Abacus Cars 'you can count on us'. 

Abacus Cars

Office 7

Ashfield Play Forum 

Morven Avenue 



These are the wrong answers so far........


Mystery Voice


Terms and Conditions


·       Callers need to register to take part in the competition.


·       Caller 103 will then be taken to air to guess the Mystery Voice.


·       The prize fund will increase by £5.00 every weekday.


·       Incorrect guesses will appear on the website.


·       If the mystery voice is not guessed correctly after 10 weeks (£250) the prize fund will hit a ceiling.


·       At the £250 level we will then start giving away clues to the mystery voice, but no further value will be added to the prize fund.


·       Mansfield 103.2 employees, freelances and family members are ineligible to take part.


·       Winners will collect their prize via a cheque from Mansfield 103.2 and will need to bring ID to prove their identity.


·       Over 18s only.

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