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Mike Bargh

The Mystery Voice Competition

It's back and brought to you by Abacus Cars!

Inside Barghy's Workshop

20th July 2017
Barghy fixes his new toy

Another Barghy sort out day!

6th July 2017
Barghy discovers a bit of personal history.

Barghy's Small Talk Update

10th May 2017
Join Barghy every weekday morning to hear school children from around our area

Time to cut the lawn

21st March 2017
Barghy gets out his lawn mower now spring has arrived

Our Breakfast presenter is up to his old tricks!

21st March 2017
Barghy is one of the most clumsy people on the planet and he proves it once again!

Cakey - wakey!

28th February 2017
Barghy bakes a cake

Mike is the new presenter of the breakfast show from 6am to 10am on weekdays. 

"I'm from Sutton In Ashfield and the radio bug arrived when I was 6 years old.

I turned my Dad's garage into a radio station/workshop where I messed around with wires...once I almost electrocuted myself taking the back of the TV off in the front room to see how it works!

Yep, I'm bonkers but love radio so much, it's the only thing I've ever wanted to do.

I'm a founder member of Millside Radio at Kings Mill Hospital, I remember recording shows to play out (from the roof) as we didn't even have a studio.

I have really good memories of playing bass in a rock group. We used the music block at my old school Sutton Centre to practice... I still play a bit.

I've worked in stations all over but so pleased to be back in my home town now."

Barghy's Potted Profile
Low Point: Falling off stage on a Millside Hospital Radio roadshow at the Ashfield Show..... but it was funny.

High Point: Meeting the Doctor Who team and flying over Nottinghamshire on my 1st flying lesson....yep, they let me out in a plane!

Something You Didn't Know: I'm a massive fan of Doctor Who and I have a vast collection of everything Doctor Who including a full size Tardis, Dalek and K9 from the show, my best mate Rob has the world's largest collection of Daleks!! He's in the Guinness Book of World Records!

My fiancee Lyn has a lot to put up with really! We love short breaks, eating out (no washing up) and chilling out being goggleboxers lol.

I have the world's most rubbish back, had a major op in 2014 - I hobble about on my stick (our friends call me Herr Flick!!).

Click below for the latest from Mike's Mystery Voice, which you can hear each morning just after 8am. 

The Mystery Voice Competition

It's back and brought to you by Abacus Cars!
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