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​There must be something in the water...

1st October 2016

There must be something in the water...

I'm starting to think that we really are an adventurous bunch around here. I've just finished talking to Jane Box, a local woman who's taken on an incredible challenge that we'll be talking about in next week's News in Focus. For two months this summer, Jane left her creature comforts behind to trek across Europe to Mongolia, with only a 12-year-old Nissan Micra to help her.

And Jane is far from the only person from this area to take on such a large challenge - next year, Miche and Sam Fretwell are setting off on a hike across some of Iceland's wildest terrain, in memory of their father. And I'll never forget following the progress Sam Ogrizovic last year, as he hitch-hiked to Croatia to try and find long-lost members of his family. Hearing that he'd managed to fill in some of the gaps in his family tree was truly inspirational – although, with most of my family hailing from Huthwaite, I don't think retracing my family history would be as interesting...

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