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The TFF Revival

2nd March 2017

The TFF Revival 

Later this month I'm bringing back something called 'That Friday Feeling' for a one off radio special. For those of you that don't know what it is (or what it was) basically it was a phone in show that relied on wacky callers and crazy topics, tackled the frivolous and silly, and certainly didn't take itself seriously. I did 5 seasons and around 52 programmes, of what became known as TFF on Mansfield 103.2, between 2008 and 2009. The idea behind it was to set aside just three hours a week to let ourselves go, forget our troubles and create a special mad world where we could have fun and let our imaginations run wild. I mean where else would you find in-depth discussions about what's the most socialable fruit, improvised radio westerns, murder mystery nights, jam donut rallies, a Slim Whitman documentary, a listener premier league, specialist gurus 'who knew all the answers' and a thwarted zombie invasion. It was certainly bizarre and when it worked it was lots of fun to be involved in. At the time it created a bit of a mini buzz and became a cult programme by definition, 'a person or thing that is popular or fashionable among a particular group or section of society'. Ok there might have only been about 20 people listening and that section of society were either bonkers or drunk, but it counts!  


We had a cast of regular callers including likes of Crazy Dave, Mad Russ, Kia, The Mad Pixie, The Iman, Sue & Andy Morgan, Steve (my nemisis), Helen in Sutton, Johnny Arzenfarzen, Gary in Kirkby, Peter in Rainworth, David in Mansfield, my mum and Phil Mitchell to name a few. Everyone who called in and took part provided great contributions along the way. TFF was mainly inspired by the broacaster and TV presenter Iain Lee, you might remember him as the skinny one from the 11o'clock show, and he even made a trip up to Mansfield and appeared as a guest on one of the programmes which was a great thrill. Alongside Iain it was also influenced by numerous other people who I grew up listeneing to including the likes of Kenny Everett, Tommy Boyd,  Dean Jackson, Martin Kelner, Danny Baker and Chris Evans.  


So after nearly 8 years, and a long conversation with my boss, I thought I would have one last go at creating some mayhem on the radio. In an age where bland is king it's time for a mini revolution in the people's republic of Mansfield. Hey who knows if it works and people actually call up and get involved on the 24th, I might get the opportunity to bring it back for a new series in the summer so let's describe this as an experiment, I'm basically dipping my toe into the choppy waters of free form radio. Oh and if you're worried about a lack of music I'm sure we'll play a few songs along the way. In fact if no one calls we'll play lots!  


The TFF revival AKA TFF 6, is happening on Friday March 24th between 7pm and 10pm and to make it even more of a blast from the past we are also bringing back Motown Til Midnight with Mark Lindsey between 10pm - 12am. Mark used to do the show after me so we thought in order to recreate the total vibe we'd drag him back for a one off show aswell. The conditions have to be just right!  


Lastly I will be assisted on the night by my trusted companion Chicken Boy aka Lee Wilkinson, Producer Cam is currently a castaway on an island somewhere in the English Channel so I needed an able replacement. Unfortunately, only Chicken Boy was available. 


The number you'll need to call the show is 01623 666000, hopefully speak to you then. 


In the meantime, here are some old clips from the show that found their way onto Youtube. 

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