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The 90s and me

8th February 2017
Laura Summers

So I’m new to the station. It’s always slightly wierd being the newbie, no matter how old you are, it’s that same feeling. You can’t be yourself totally, you’re like a really polite version of yourself (not that I’m rude but you know what I mean)!  You don’t really know anyone and just try and make a good impression by not asking too many stupid questions. I think I’ve failed there! My questions just keep coming. However everyone is very supportive and to say I’m loving it would be an understatement.  I’m on every Saturday 6 -9pm with the Nineties School Reunion. The music is amazing and I feel extremely lucky to be able to play the music that I grew up listening to!

The start of the 90’s I was twelve. It was when I started discovering that music was really relatable. I have always liked different genres of music. Although I never really took to Heavy metal though! In the 80’s it was my Dad’s favourite music that I listened to, which isn’t a bad thing because his taste in Music was pretty awesome. Moody Blues, OMD, Paul Young, Pink Floyd and Dire Straits were amongst the artists that we listened to constantly, his vinyl collection was massive!

Then I started venturing into my own taste and style of music. My first ever 7 inch was The Soup Dragons - I’m Free. I loved the Happy Mondays and my first crush was Lenny Kravitz. His album ‘Let Love Rule’ is brilliant. Any song on that album takes me straight back to being 13. That was my first concert. Lenny Kravitz at Wembley Arena.  Which is kind of cool. Then there was Take That. OMG Robbie Williams. I loved him.  I also knew a boy that was in their ‘Relight my Fire’ video (when I say knew, I mean he was my sisters, friends, brother)But that was enough for me to boast constantly that I practically knew Take That.

Also throughout the nineties and even now I am also slightly obsessed with film scores. John Williams is my hero. Trust me if you haven’t heard of him you’ll know his music. He has basically written every popular film score going. Superman, Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Home Alone, Harry Potter, ET and Jaws to name a few. When I watch a film, the first thing I notice is the music. If I was ever on Mastermind. This would be my subject.

Then in the late nineties I was a holiday Rep and Dance music was at its best.  Sisqo – Thong Song, Todd Terry – Something going on, Jamiroquai – Canned heat....The list is endless and they were happy times! (From what I can remember)!

So now I get to play all this music that I’m pretty sure most people my age will relate to. So do join me every Saturday evening! I’m really enjoying being at Mansfield 103.2. It’s a great station filled with lovely, slightly bonkers people. I think I will fit in well.

Oh before I go here's a picture of me in the late 90s when I was a holiday rep, hanging out with the comedy duo Little & Large

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Laura Summers

You can hear Laura Summers every Saturday night presenting the 90s School Reunion between 6pm and 9pm

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