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That’s What I Went To School For !

13th September 2016
Matt Freeman, News In Focus

That’s What I Went To School For !

Hello I'm Craig, I'm produce News in Focus. It always seem to stir up old memories – last week for example I was privileged enough to be invited along to Mansfield Palace Theatre and chat to some of the actors participating in the “Write Track” project. 

It reminded me of the time I spent studying Drama at school and all the laughs me and my friendship group had in attempting to write a sitcom come drama for our GCSE exam. Sadly, it never made it to a proper stage.

This week’s program “Back to School” has given me two overriding feelings, nostalgia and…. Old! As ten years ago, I was starting year eleven and my second year of GCSE’s.

Whilst this week’s program takes a more serious look at school related issues, such as the Prime Ministers intentions to reintroduce grammar schools and the news that primary school children with a packed lunch, might not be getting the right nutrients in their meals – there’s a little section which has made me wear a wry smile and soak myself in memories.

We sent one of our reporters out to find out some of your school memories, and boy did we get some answers! The talk in the office also turned to school memories, in a news room full of lads – you can imagine that football, either at lunchtime or after school, was a common theme – this then reminded me of the time I innocently AND accidently, set off the school fire alarm.

There was always a group of us that played football at lunchtime, blazers and bags formed the goals and we played no matter the weather, including snow. 

The school I went too (Joseph Whitaker in Rainworth) became a specialist sports college whilst I was there and for a while, we we’re unable to use the playing fields at lunch due to them building an all-weather third generation pitch. 

To keep us entertained during the hour long lunch break, the PE department decided it’d be a good idea to run a five-a-side league in the sports hall.   

The sports hall at the time was tiny (it would be trebled in size once the 3G pitch was built) and five-a-side was a push, but health and safety was ignored and the games went ahead. 

A few of the lads I played football with entered a team, I was selected to be the keeper because of my growing reputation as “that kid who will throw himself at everything”. 

In our first game, we were against the school football team, who in typical fashion were cocky and thought they were world beaters. 

After Craig “The cat” Priest had saved TWO penalties – my side “No Chance” (Shortened by the teachers from “Norfolk and Chance” – I’m not sure why….) managed to nick a goal. 

We we’re desperate to win it and in the last minute a loose ball cam racing through, I charged out of my goal and right of the line of my permitted area (there was no way I was giving a THIRD penalty away for the same offence) put my foot right through the ball to clear it.

Being a keeper, I couldn’t kick straight and so with real power, leathered the ball away to safety…. Only the ball went flying straight towards the corner of the room where, as is the standard with all sports halls, the “fire alarm” box was.

You know what’s coming…. The ball smashed the glass and the alarm rang! The game stopped and everyone (around twenty other kids and three teachers) looked straight at me in bemusement.

Fortunately the lead teacher had a walkie-talky and radioed through to reception to confirm a false alarm, and within seconds, the alarms stopped! 

Other school memories include making my drama teacher cry in year 10 with my re-enactment of a scene from “Blood Brothers” (She assured me they were genuine tears and not at how bad my acting was), the times me and my mates were all chasing the same girl (needless to say it wasn’t me who won) and the genuine joy you got from walking into a classroom and seeing the TV Trolley set-up…. Even if it was the Titanic! 

Anyway, that’s about it from me this week – hopefully this has brought back some good school memories for you too.

Oh… and encase you’re wondering – “No Chance” were docked 10 points for my alarmingly good clearance, we’d have won the league if it wasn’t for that!

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