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Syria and Russia deny bombings as aid convoy gets suspended

20th September 2016

Syria and Russia deny bombings as aid convoy gets suspended

All aid convoys in Syria have been suspended after an attack that hit at least 18 trucks carrying supplies.

20 people are reported to have died in the bombing, which happened just hours after a week-long ceasefire came to an end.

The United Nations says it could amount to a war crime if it was deliberate. 

The victims included sub-station director Omar Barakat who was described by colleagues as a "brave member of our family of committed staff and volunteers, working relentlessly to alleviate the suffering of the Syrian people".

John Dale, an anti-war campaigner from the Mansfield Socialist Party, said: “There has been war crime after war crime, day after day for the past six years.

“We can’t have any confidence in the international courts to sort this out.”

He added: “The only solution will be a movement of the Syrian people themselves against the government and foreign powers that are trying to build their own power in the region.”

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