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Sutton Six Figure Syndicate Scoop

19th March 2020
News, Ashfield

A massive work syndicate of 46 have won The National Lottery at the perfect time.

Crystal Martin’s warehouse in Sutton-in-Ashfield, where they all work, is closing this Summer and all warehousing staff are being made redundant. Crystal Martin Warehouse Senior Supervisor Craig Rowland created the syndicate last month as a way to bring everyone together following the announcement.  The syndicate matched five numbers plus one Lucky Star in the draw on Friday 6 March 2020 to win £159,609.40.  Each syndicate member will get £3,469.76.


Craig (40) tells the story of how he found out of the win.  “I was out with a group of both past and present work colleagues having a curry when my phone rang.  It was Derrick and Denise Marshall, Denise is a fellow syndicate member, they wanted to know if I had checked the EuroMillions draw that night?


“I quickly checked the numbers myself on the National Lottery App and then phoned my wife Natalie who was at home to scan the tickets. Derek and Denise were right.  I had four of the syndicate with me that night and they were all asking me while I was on the phone if we had won and how much.  We were all gobsmacked but didn’t want to get too excited as the ticket hadn’t been checked.  We decided to stay calm as we couldn’t do anything until the following day, and so went for a quick drink after the curry rather than rushing home just to check the ticket again.


“It was about 11:30pm when I got home, Natalie had already gone to bed so I sat there checking the ticket again and again via the National Lottery App.  I decided I’d phone first thing the next morning, put the ticket inside the bedside cabinet for safe keeping and tried to get some sleep…which I didn’t.”


Craig called Camelot first thing the next morning by which time the syndicate’s Facebook Messenger group was awash with comments.  He said: “I then went to the barbers for a quick trim because I had to wait for a call back and in the meantime the phone never stopped, in fact it hasn’t been quiet since.”

And what is the first thing Craig and Natalie, who have two children and are from Mansfield, going to do…buy a new door for their cooker! Craig said: “The door hinge has been broken for a while and I’ve just never got it sorted.  The rest of the money is going into a special pot because we are hoping to move home in the future.”


The traditional National Lottery win celebration has had to be put on ice for the syndicate with the current social distancing advice from the government.  Craig accepted the cheque on behalf of the syndicate and promised to hold a celebration when the time was right.  He said, “We have a giant bottle of champagne which has enough for a glass for every syndicate member but it is important we all keep a safe distance at the moment.  We will keep washing our hands for the time being and save our celebration for later.”

Other members of the 46-strong syndicate include Denise Marshall, Lynne Haslam and Dave Clayton.

Warehouse Operative Denise (59) from Mansfield was watching the draw live on the National Lottery You Tube channel when she saw the numbers come up.  She said: “I started to panic, thinking is this really true?  I asked Derrick to call Craig to double check.  Obviously he was in the curry house and so between him, his wife, the others having a meal and us we checked and double checked every place we could, wondering how much money we had won.  It’s great timing, everybody is so pleased and for me personally it gives me a financial comfort blanket until I work out what to do with it, but I will be treating my four grandchildren.”


Lynne Halsam (45) from Morton, Debryshire also works in the warehouse says the win: “feels great and after a difficult time at work recently the whole place is buzzing.  The first thing I’m buying is a new living room carpet.”


Warehouse Supervisor Dave Clayton (57) from Selston is getting his car MOT’d and a new front door.  The Warehouse Supervisor said: “I’ve got some essentials to buy like the door and MOT, but I’m going to enjoy the rest.”

As per normal procedures syndicate leader Craig was paid the winnings before distributing the money to the rest of the group.  Rather than electronically transferring the money he wrote a cheque out to each and every member of the group and presented them with their winnings at work.  He said: “I ordered a couple of cheque books and when the money cleared in my account, spent the evening writing them all out. It may sound a bit old-fashioned to write a cheque, but it seemed more personal. We are all gutted about the closing of the warehouse but the win is great news for a great bunch of people who I know will all find new jobs. The win couldn’t have come at a better time.”


The Crystal Martin syndicate matched five numbers plus one Lucky Star on the EuroMillions draw of Friday 6th March, 2020.  Every week syndicate leader Craig Rowland buys 46 Lucky Dips at the Tesco Express on Alfreton Road, Sutton-in Ashfield.


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