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STUB IT OUT | Smokers won’t quit over weight gain concerns

14th October 2016
Stub It Out

STUB IT OUT | Smokers won’t quit over weight gain concerns 

A new study carried out by Slimming World UK for Stoptober shows that over half of UK smokers won’t quit, over concerns of weight gain.

A study's found they delay quitting by around seven-and-a-half years as a result, with nearly 40 per cent worried about reaching for food instead. Nutritionist Dr Jacquie Lavin says even if you do get cravings, there are lots of healthy alternatives.

“You can satisfy that appetite with really healthy food options, so looking for some fruit and vegetables, some lean meat, some poultry – having things on hand to snack on like veg sticks, fruit and yoghurt – there’s plenty of things that you can eat instead of reaching for that cigarette” 

“Our survey actually showed us that one of the top reasons why people were worried about quitting smoking, in terms of weight gain, was because they felt that missing holding a cigarette would mean they’d reach for food instead or if they were coping with cravings they’d reach for food. We do know that you can plan ahead for that and reach for healthy food options” 

There’ll be more advice on the Katie Trinder Breakfast Show and with Watko in the afternoon throughout October and Smoke Free Life Nottinghamshire, have some stop-smoking advisors in the Four Seasons and Idelwells Shopping Centre throughout October.

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