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Statement From Mansfield Labour On Ben Bradley

11th May 2021
News, Mansfield

Mansfield Labour Party issued the following statement after Ben Bradley MP was elected as the Leader of Nottinghamshire County Council.

"We at Mansfield Labour are deeply concerned with the appointment of Mansfield and Warsop’s MP Ben Bradley to the role of Leader of Nottinghamshire County Council following his election as a Mansfield North Councillor.
The question we find ourselves asking is how can he represent both Mansfield in Parliament and lead the County Council when both these roles would require the full attention of the holder? It seems that, while trying to juggle such responsibilities, one or both roles will be neglected. It will be the people of Mansfield, Warsop and Nottinghamshire that will suffer from this. While most will understand we do not agree with much of what Ben Bradley MP does, we do wish for the people of Mansfield and Warsop to be represented by the elected Member of Parliament the people choose.
It was only in 2017, he resigned from Ashfield District Council and was quoted as saying ‘There are only so many hours in the day’. So what has changed? Being an MP, County Councillor and the Leader of the County Council is just not workable, and we believe voters will ask, what are his motives? When so much is talked about a ‘gravy train’, it seems like Mr Bradley is going full steam ahead.
We will be asking frank questions of Ben Bradley to determine some key facts, namely - does he intends to take full salaries of each position?  What hours he will be committing to which role? Where he will be primarily based as County Council Leader?  Will his Conservative County Councillor colleagues and MPs will be taking a pay reduction, as Ben Bradley has determined that these are part time positions?
In the end, it is the people of Mansfield and Warsop that will miss out and Ben Bradley who will gain but we stand ready with residents to oppose anything that will disadvantage Mansfield and Warsop. This decision by Ben Bradley reveals his contempt for his constituents and his arrogance in thinking he can successfully do all of these full time roles with the full attention they deserve."


Mr. Bradley spoke to us about being elected to the position saying that the jobs he is now taking on all at once are not too dissimilar from each other which will allow him to juggle to work. "They compliment each other quite nicely in many ways, in that working for local residents is what I do, a lot of the things will be things I already do in terms of supporting local people and the commununity.

"I will be busy, of course, but it's not unprecedented. A hundred-odd MPs down there in London also have the additional very full on responsibility of being a minister in Government. Matt Hancock runs a £300bn Government department as well as being a constituency Member of Parliament."

"Our offices really are set up for that, my staff are excellent and we will manage things as effectively as we can."


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