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Staff At Sherwood Forest Hospitals Spread The Love

14th February 2018

Staff at Sherwood Forest Hospitals are showing their love and appreciation for one another by ‘passing on’ bouquets of flowers as part of a new initiative that thanks staff for their hard work and dedication.

The initiative, which is called ‘Just Because’ and is in partnership with Flower Pod, a local social enterprise, was started in the Women’s and Children’s department at the end of last year and sees staff receiving flowers that have been put together by volunteers with learning disabilities. The good deed is then passed to another deserving colleague the following week with a new bouquet.

The idea came about when Clinical Chair of the Women’s and Children’s Division, Helena Clements, wanted to give flowers to a colleague, just because she was grateful for her support and to say thank you. Rather than have a bouquet delivered from a florist, Helena decided to support a local charity and have volunteers design an arrangement and deliver it to the hospital.


Following the success and appreciation of the first arrangement, Helena decided to support the charity further and continue to spread thanks by signing the department up for a year’s worth of flowers, with a different member of the team receiving flowers each Tuesday. She said: “The idea is that the last person to receive flowers decides who the next bouquet should go to within the Division but in a different department. It’s always a lovely surprise for the person receiving the flowers and means so much to them to be thought of by a friend and a colleague. It’s just such a lovely way to say thank you and it’s really good for staff morale, as well as supporting a worthy cause too.

“I have worked with Flower Pod in the past so I already knew of their great work and wanted to support their cause further. I would definitely recommend doing something like this to other organisations in the area; It has been really well received by staff at Sherwood Forest Hospitals.”


Flower Pod is part of Reach Learning Disability, a charity that supports people with learning disabilities and is based in Southwell in Nottinghamshire. The charity grows flowers at its garden site and then one of the charity’s supported volunteers, Anita Highland, selects flowers according to what is available throughout the growing season and puts together an arrangement, decorates the tin they are in and delivers them to the unsuspecting recipient at King’s Mill Hospital.

Anita said: “I like doing the flowers every week because I am learning how to make arrangements with the help of Marguerite at the charity. The comments about how pretty the flowers are make me feel really happy.”


This week, Assistant General Manager of Women’s and Children’s, Lorraine Binch, who received flowers last week, chose to give colleague Dr Victoria Walker, a Consultant Paediatrician within Community Paediatrics, the Just Because flowers. Anita visited King’s Mill Hospital to present the flowers to Victoria alongside Lorraine.

Victoria said: “It was such a lovely surprise to be given the flowers and it has made me feel incredibly special and valued by colleagues. The flowers are absolutely beautiful and I love the fact that they are from Flower Pod – it’s really fitting as a lot of my work involves working with children with learning disabilities. I’ll have a think now about who I want to pass the gesture to next!”


Since November, 12 staff members from across the Women’s and Children’s Division have been surprised with flowers and the initiative will continue until November this year.


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