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Sherwood Forest Hospitals Supports Patients And Staff Throughout Stoptober

20th October 2017

During Stoptober Sherwood Forest Hospitals is reminding patients and staff that there is support available at the Trust to help quit smoking.

Stoptober is a campaign that runs throughout October to encourage people to quit smoking.

The Trust actively supports both staff and patients within our care to stop smoking by referring patients to Smokefree Life Nottingham and providing them with appropriate medication and patches when required. Support is also provided to staff who wish to quit, as they have access to a free 30 minute assessment to discuss how they can quit smoking.

The Nottinghamshire Smokefree Life mobile clinic also visits King’s Mill on Monday’s each week. The clinic provides leaflets, which include tips and advice about how to quit along with details of support groups and advice. A Smokefree Life advisor is also available at King’s Mill to speak to on Friday’s from 10am-3pm.

The Trust has also teamed up with Ashfield District Council Community Protection Officers (CPOs), who patrol King’s Mill Hospital as part of the drive to improve the health and wellbeing of patients, visitors and staff. Whilst on the site CPOs will urge people not to light up, give advice about quitting, talk to people about littering and issue fines to repeat offenders who litter.

Chief Executive, Richard Mitchell said: “Stoptober is an ideal time for us to remind patients, staff and visitors that we are a smoke-free Trust that provides support for people to stop smoking. I am really keen for us to become truly smoke-free. Smoking is a particular problem in and around the entrance of our King’s Mill Hospital site, which is why we have sought help from Ashfield District Council to patrol the area. It’s really not healthy for our patients, visitors or staff to have to battle through harmful smoke to enter the building and I would like to remind people that although we are supportive of those who wish to quit, we are moving towards a zero tolerance approach to smoking, which I know would be in line with what the vast majority of our patients want to see.”


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