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​Seasonal Work Available As Orbital Recruitment Celebrate 15 Years Of Success

9th November 2016

Seasonal Work Available As Orbital Recruitment Celebrate 15 Years Of Success

As the festive period begins to draw closer, the number of season factory work available is on the rise, and East Midlands founded Orbital Recruitment are going that extra mile to try and fill a number of roles.

The Mansfield Branch of Orbital, are working with around 500 people so far and still have roles to fill – in order to get people to the more “out of town” locations, Operations Director Helen Younger says they’re lying on transport to get people into work

“We’re putting transport on from Mansfield to try and get people to places that are a little bit more remote and harder to get too. We’ve got opportunities available and we understand that the companies that are based further afield, it is difficult to get there and there’s not an excellent bus route to there – for the seasonal period, we’ve put on subsidised transport from our Mansfield office to support people that are wanting to work but physically can’t get to places”

Having been established in numerous locations across the East Midlands, Orbital say they are a more approachable agency

“You want to go with an agency that cares for you, you’re not just a number and I think if you want to be treated as an individual then come and have a chat with us and we’ll tell you about the vacancy’s we’ve got”

Anyone looking for seasonal work, can pop into the Mansfield Office on Queen Street in Mansfield, or call on 01623 666 360  

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