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“Rose was manipulated & lied too” – Flitcroft

15th August 2018
Sport, News

“Rose was manipulated & lied too” – Flitcroft

Mansfield Town striker Danny Rose made a triumphant return to the squad last night as the Stags came from behind to smash Accrington Stanley 6-1 and reach the second round of the EFL cup for the first time in over a decade.

A first half hat-trick for Tyler Walker, which included two from the spot, sent the Stags on their way before Otis Khan added a fourth before half-time.

Rose, who met with boss David Flitcroft on Monday to talk about his future, came from the bench to replace hat-trick hero Walker on 65 minutes – and took just a minute before latching onto CJ Hamilton’s left sided assist to score his first of the campaign and the Stags fifth.

CJ Hamilton netted the Stags sixth and final goal of the night in the final minute, and after the match, boss David Flitcroft put an end to the Danny Rose situation “I’m delighted for Danny [getting his goal] – the aggression that he’s run with to go and get that, it was nice to see the Danny of old. Seeing Danny Rose run at full flight to goal and get that goal, which was so important to him, was important

“Anyone in football and life will tell you that forgiveness is the best human quality – I’m not stubborn in anything I do I’m always professional – the valuation wasn’t met for Danny so he’s a Mansfield Town player contracted for Mansfield Town.

“We had a really good chat yesterday regarding that the move didn’t happen. He was worried about turning out tonight because of some of the stuff on social media, he was worried about that. I thought it was the right game to put him on and introduce him back into what we are doing.

“Danny’s made a mistake, we all do, he needs support – he needs my support, he’s been led down a line, he’s been lied to, manipulated, by the buying club – he was told he was a Peterborough player, absolutely told outright he was a Peterborough player and Danny’s chose to believe it.

“Now he can knuckle down and it might be a good thing – because he knows that he’s got to win these fans back over – he’s already done that once and he knows he’s got to do it again – he’ll fight for them, he’ll scrap for them, and he’ll run for them – that’s what the Mansfield public need, it’s what Danny’s got to do now. He’s not done that since I’ve been here but certainly tonight I saw the Danny Rose of old – and I’m delighted for him.”

CEO Carolyn Radford  told Mansfield 103.2 “He’s a Mansfield player, he’s always given us 100% he’s an excellent person to work with personally and professionally. Sometimes [with] players, you have to remember they’re very young – they can be misadvised and there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes that we can’t disclose.

“It’s not been a very fair ride for him either, Danny knows what he is here for – he wants to develop and he wants to play for the club.

“The meeting [between David Flitcroft and Danny Rose] was productive, they spent a long time talking and they aired a lot of the issues that had been going on which makes it clear for all of us so we are in a better position to know where he’s coming from and what was going on – it’s clarified a lot of things in our heads and we’re thrilled [that’s he back involved].”

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