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​Police Commissioner Funds New Workshops To Raise Awareness Of Hate Crimes

25th October 2016

Police Commissioner Funds New Workshops To Raise Awareness Of Hate Crimes

Anti-hate campaigners are staging a series of workshops to encourage members of the Muslim community to report experiences of hate crime to the police.

The awareness events, funded by Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner Paddy Tipping, are being delivered by the Nottingham Muslim Women's Network to build confidence among victims about seeking justice and support.

Organisers have booked three events; two for Muslim women and one for both men and women from the Muslim community.

The workshops, which are free of charge, will help members of the community understand what constitutes a hate crime, how to report an incident, how victims can access the different support services available and explain the laws surrounding hate crime.

The PCC is working closely with a range of partners to increase hate crime reporting and deliver a robust support service to victims.

In addition to allocating funding from his Community Safety Fund for projects which promote inclusion and address hate crime, the Commissioner has also held seminars and is working with faith groups to help raise awareness of the reporting process.

"It is vital we challenge the destructive and damaging attitudes which harbour hatred and perpetuate fear in our communities," said Mr Tipping.

"One of the best ways of achieving this is by standing together and leading by example.

"There are still too many victims living in fear and isolation, especially young people who doubt their experiences will be taken seriously. Community workshops like these help to reassure and build confidence in our support mechanisms and show victims that breaking their silence is not only vital for their own safety and recovery but the safety of others."

Shazia Khan, Executive Director of the Nottingham Muslim Women's Network, added "Muslim women, particularly those with a ‘visible' Muslim identity, are more vulnerable to anti-Muslim hostility, intimidation, abuse and threats of violence yet as a rule they don't report this type of incident. These workshops aim to build the confidence of Muslim women; encourage them to report incidents of hate crime; and teach them how do so."

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