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Notts Police Face Losses

14th September 2016

Notts Police Face Losses 

More than 60 officers have left Nottinghamshire Police since February as the force gears up to introduce its first recruits in two years.

Of the 63 that have left 13 of those have been due to resignations and Former Senior Nottinghamshire Police Officer Peter Jones believes cuts to the force have gone too far, “I’m surprised at the number of resignations, there is no doubt the number of officers in Nottinghamshire has been reduced to a ridiculous level.”

Jones added, “It has always been the case that as far as I’m concerned Notts have been well short in the numbers that are needed to police an area like this.”

The police will hire ‘civilian investigators’ who have limited powers of arrest but help detectives.

Deputy Chief Constable Simon Torr said he could expect “5,000 applicants by tea-time tomorrow” but wants to focus on recruiting ‘high quality police officers’ who meet the force’s targets to fairly represent ethnic minorities and emerging communities in the county.

The number of Police Community Support Officers will remain at around 240 after it dropped from 260 as the force was tasked with making £54 million worth of cuts to its budget over four years.

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