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Nottinghamshire celebrates 10 years of smoke-free legislation

29th June 2017

Nottinghamshire celebrates 10 years of smoke-free legislation

Nottinghamshire County Council will mark the ten-year anniversary of the indoor smoking ban with a call to residents not to smoke at public events that are attended by families and children this summer.

On July 1st, 2007, it became illegal to light up in indoor public spaces and workplaces across the UK, protecting workers and customers alike from the dangers of second-hand smoke.

Research undertaken in the months which followed showed that exposure for people working in bars and clubs had fallen by a staggering 95%.

Over the last seven years, smoking prevalence in Nottinghamshire has fallen from over 20% in 2010 to under 16% last year, in line with national trends, however smoking remains the single biggest risk to public health and is the number one cause of preventable ill health and early death.

Between January 2012 and December 2014, 1,242 people aged 35 and over died of smoking-related causes across Nottinghamshire.

In recent years, the County Council has taken further steps towards a smoke-free future for Nottinghamshire residents:

Joined with the city and local district and borough councils in establishing ‘Smokefree Summer’ events in 2016, where smokers were asked not to light up near families and children, and extending the programme in 2017

Developed and led implementation of the Nottinghamshire County and Nottingham City Declaration on Tobacco Control, supporting organisations across the county to protect their staff and communities from the harm that smoking causes

Commissioned Smoke Free Life Nottinghamshire to provide comprehensive local stop smoking services and to help local employers, including district and borough councils and schools, to develop their own smoke free policies.

Councillor Stuart Wallace, Chairman of Public Health at Nottinghamshire County Council, said: “We are pleased at the progress that has been made since this landmark legislation was introduced a decade ago, but we are determined that we can do even more to help our residents enjoy longer, healthier, happier smokefree lives. We’re working closely with all our partners to introduce smokefree places especially in public spaces around children and families.”

“Our aim is to help take smoking out of the sight of children, so they don’t consider taking up the habit as they get older. We need to break the cycle of generations in the same family smoking, because children are three times more likely to smoke if their parents do. Although there are more people in Nottinghamshire quitting than ever before, many of our residents continue to smoke, and we need to get the message across that now is the best time to go Smokefree, not just for ourselves but also for the sake of the next generation.”

In Nottinghamshire around 5,500 years of life are lost every year due to adults dying from smoking related illnesses before they reach 75.

The County Council’s Director of Public Health Barbara Brady added: “For the first time we are starting to see that a Smokefree generation is possible. I want everyone to enjoy Smokefree Summer events so that we are all doing our bit to make Nottinghamshire a healthier place for children to live, play and grow up in. Smoking is a difficult habit to break but we know that with the right support from our local stop smoking services, people are four times as likely to be successful than trying to quit on their own.”

Ten years, ten pieces of government action on tobacco:

  • 1.      Smokefree legislation – illegal to smoke in an enclosed public place (2007)
  • 2.      Increase in the legal age of sale of tobacco to 18 (2007)
  • 3.      Introduction of graphic health warnings on packs (2008)
  • 4.      Ban of sale of cigarettes in vending machines (2011)
  • 5.      Introduction of 2% above inflation tax on tobacco (2011)
  • 6.      Ban on display of tobacco in shops (2012/2015)
  • 7.      Offence for people to buy tobacco for under 18s (2014)
  • 8.      Ban of smoking in cars with under 18s present (2015)
  • 9.      Introduction of standard packaging (2016/17)
  • 10.   Introduction of minimum pack size (2016/17)

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