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North Notts MP’s concerned by Constituency border shakeup

14th September 2016
Mansfield, Ashfield

North Notts MP’s concerned by Constituency border shakeup

The MP’s for Mansfield and Sherwood have voiced their concerns over government plans to redraw parliamentary constituencies.
Sherwood MP Mark Spencer could end up losing Hucknall as part of his area if the boundary commission
 move ahead with their proposals.
He said: “It would appear that i’m going to lose Hucknall, which I’m a bit disappointed with, but this is only the first draft, so there is an opportunity to go back to the boundary commission. ”
“I’m sure plenty of MP’s will be making representations to try and tweak those maps.”
However Mansfield MP Sir Alan Meale believes the government have missed an opportunity to add some of the town’s surrounding areas into his constituency: “I’ll be writing to the commission to ask them to to look at the whole of Rainworth, Pleasley and Garibaldi coming together, which would make much more sense.”
Many Labour MP’s say they will vote against the changes, branding them “unfair and “undemocratic,” due to the fact the part would lose out on around 25 seats.
The seats of both Labour leadership hopefuls Owen Smith and Jeremy Corbyn could disappear under the changes. 
Mr Spencer and Sir Alan both agreed that the boundary commission are a totally independent body, and Sir Alan isn’t concerned about Mr. Corbyn losing his seat: 
“Although Jeremy’s seat in name disappears, three quarters of it goes into a nearby seat which is renamed. So I think he has every opportunity of keeping his seat.”

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