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NEWS IN FOCUS | The Cornwater Club

11th January 2017
News, News In Focus

NEWS IN FOCUS | The Cornwater Club

Our weekly program looking at Charity and Community Issues and News ‘News In Focus’ returns for 2017 this Thursday, with local charity “The Cornwater Club” under the spotlight.

After registering as a Charity in 2001, Cornwater has blossomed in its aim to provide friendship for older people – running the popular ‘Cornwater Club’ four days a week in Ravenshead, which is supported by the long standing Cornwater Charity Shop, first opened in 2008.

This week’s program, airing on Thursday, will take an in depth look at both the Cornwater Club and the shop, which is the main source of income for keeping the charity going and enabling the members to socialise with others.

One of the many volunteers at Cornwater, Ron Walker who works in the shop expressed his pride of seeing the money raised in the shop, make a difference within the club “that makes it all worthwhile, when you see the enjoyment and wellbeing that being at the club creates amongst the members and many times, many people have told us – it’s a lifeline.” 

News In Focus airs Thursday evening 6-7pm with Craig Priest – Previous Episodes can be found HERE

If you are a local charity or represent a local community organisation and would like to feature in ‘News In Focus’ – please email craig.priest@mansfield103.co.uk or call 01623 666 020

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