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News In Focus “John Eastwood Hospice” Air Date: Thursday 8th December 6-7pm with Matt Freeman

7th December 2016
Matt Freeman, News In Focus

News In Focus “John Eastwood Hospice” Air Date: Thursday 8th December 6-7pm with Matt Freeman

Sitting in the shadow of Kings Mill Hospital, the John Eastwood Hospice often gets noticed but little is known about what goes on behind its doors… until this Weeks ‘News In Focus’ which takes an in-depth look at the hospice.

The Hospice provides services for patients with advanced cancer and other conditions requiring specialist palliative care such as Motor Neurone Disease, this week’s program speaks to the staff and volunteers of the hospice, who aim to make both patients and families visits, as painless and emotion-free as possible – as they fight against the stigma that comes with the word “hospice”.

Activities co-ordinator Neil Benham said “Initially people can be quite reluctant to come, not just the individual that’s been referred but sometimes the family members. They have a pre-set idea which a lot of people unfortunately do thinking it is just purely a place where people come to die – that isn’t the case at all.”

“If we can just break the stigma of the family or the patient, or indeed both of not wanting to come here – once we get them in we find that people get an awful lot of benefit from lots of different things here.”

The program will also here from the charities fundraising officer, the on-site Chaplin and manager – as well as hearing about one very special member of the volunteer team, assistance dog Poppy.    

News In Focus returns this Thursday (8th December), just after the 6pm news with Matt Freeman and previous episodes can be heard by logging onto our website at www.mansfield103.co.uk

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In Focus

In the countdown to Christmas, Our 'In Focus' show is back every Thursday with Craig Priest 6-7pm taking a look at Charity and Community events and the work such groups do, in the run up to Christmas

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