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1st February 2017
News, News In Focus


This week’s News In Focus program takes a look at the support available for those suffering at the hands of Domestic Abuse, Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse – as well as exploring the after effects of the issues, and what work is being done in the areas schools to educate the next generation.

This week’s hard hitting program reveals that one in ten young people are currently living with some form of domestic abuse at home, and will discover how Nottinghamshire Charity Equation work within schools to make youngsters aware of what a happy and healthy relationship looks like.

Also, ahead of the national “It’s NOT Ok” social media campaign which launches on Monday, the Mansfield based Charity MENding UK tell us how the national sexual abuse scandal in football, will encourage men to come forward and speak about abuse, getting over the shame aspect of being a victim of sexual and domestic abuse.

Recognised charity Women’s Aid reveal more about the link between domestic abuse and online abuse, and Mansfield based charity NIDAS reveal more about a new unique scheme which supports people going through the family court process.

You can hear the full program with Craig Priest this Thursday (2nd February) 6-7pm and view full details of the domestic abuse services below.

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Charity Contact Details

Equation Nottinghamshire | http://www.equation.org.uk/

MENding UK | http://www.mending-uk.org/

Women’s Aid | https://www.womensaid.org.uk/

Nottinghamshire Women’s Aid | http://nottswa.org/


NIDAS | http://www.nidas.org.uk/      

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