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18th January 2017
News, News In Focus


Our weekly look at local charities and community groups continues this week, as we feature the Mansfield based Hetty’s charity, who work with those who suffer the secondary effects of a drug or alcohol abuser.

Now in its 21st year, the Charity has developed into a huge network of support to those whose family members and loved ones are abusers of substances such as alcohol and drugs.

This week’s program will explore the charity in more depth, finding out about a number of their support programs such as Kinship, plus some of the service users share their stories on how Hetty’s have supported them.

They’ll also be a look at how Hetty’s work tirelessly to keep funds coming in through three charity shops across the area – fundraising manager Emma-Jane Knights, said people are always willing to donate “A lot of people say to us, I was ready to commit suicide it’s that serious – so when they come and there given a light at the end of the tunnel – someone to hold their hand and help them through that light and come out the other end, they can’t believe it. It literally does change their world, so for them they want to give something back – they understand it”

News In Focus airs Thursday evening 6-7pm with Craig Priest – Previous Episodes can be found HERE

If you are a local charity or represent a local community organisation and would like to feature in ‘News In Focus’ – please email craig.priest@mansfield103.co.uk or call 01623 666 020

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