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News In Focus – Edwinstowe Lions Air Date – Thursday 20th October 6-7pm

19th October 2016
Matt Freeman, News In Focus

News In Focus – Edwinstowe Lions Air Date – Thursday 20th October 6-7pm

This week’s News In Focus program takes an in depth look at the Edwinstowe Lions fundraising group, as the national Lions chain celebrates its 100th birthday.

Throughout the program, members of the Edwinstowe troupe will share their stories of why they fundraise, the group will share it’s future plans and those who have benefitted from funds raised by the Lions, will also share their experiences. 

One such person is David Donald, whose son also called David, has a challenging life which the Lions have helped make more comfortable 

“Pretty much since birth he’s had a collapsed lung, and then a second collapsed lung – more recently they (the hospital) told us to bring our daughter’s wedding forward a year because he probably wouldn’t be able to attend it – his lung function was down to 28% which is in the territory where they (the hospital) start to refuse lung transplants as well”

“The hospital lent us a physiotherapy machine and here we are a year later and his lung function has gone up by 10% but now they’ve decided that there’s no guarantee’s we can keep it and if it breaks down they won’t pay to repair it”

“It costs around £7,000 to buy a new machine and our career and her husband who are part of the lions have raised around £2,000 in four weeks” 

You can hear more of David’s story, and from other groups the Lions have help, during this weeks News In Focus with Matt Freeman, the series airs every Thursday 6-7pm 

News In Focus with Matt Freeman, airs every Thursday 6-7pm. For more blogs and more on the programme click on the picture below.

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