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News In Focus Blog | Edwinstowe Lions – The Things we do for Charity

19th October 2016
Matt Freeman, News In Focus

News In Focus Blog | Edwinstowe Lions – The Things we do for Charity

As this week’s News In Focus takes a look at the Edwinstowe Lions, a local fundraising group who raise money for various clubs and charities, I’ve been reminded about the amount of things I’ve done for charity over the years.

Obviously we’ve all done our bit, from “dress down Fridays” to “cake sales” – but once, I let a group of teenagers talk me into risking my own life, to raise money to help keep a project alive. 

I was working for a local children’s charity, which taught young people creative and digital media skills and I was doing an apprenticeship at the time, and when I say “risking my own life” – I’m probably being overly dramatic!

I was leading a summer project and one of the kids (there was a group of about 25 I worked with between the ages of 11 & 17) hit upon the idea of doing a fundraiser in order to buy some new equipment and create new projects. I agreed, on the provision that whatever was decided, the kids would actively join in with and basically run.

What a silly move that was…. As they only wanted to take on a triathlon! They wanted to do a sponsored bike ride for 106 Miles, a sponsored run for the same distance AND, a sponsored swim! 

Fortunately they soon realised the logistics of a run and a bike ride were out of their reach, but the swim was something they all wanted to do! The local leisure centre gave us all free passes to train in their pool throughout August, and then for the main event, gave us the entire pool for one hour and set us the challenge – 106 lengths in One Hour. 

They loved it, one of the kids was like an Olympian in the first practise session – I was dreading it as I can’t swim well, in fact prior to the first “training” session the only time I’d swam in the previous 10 years or so, was at a holiday park where I was trying to dodge floating beach balls and generally messing around! 

Anyway, it’s needless to say that by the way I’d completed ONE length; Olympic boy had swum at least 12. The parents watching on were in hysterics, especially when I got into the deep end completely knackered and the life guard ushered me over to the side and asked if I could actually swim and if I needed armbands. Awkward.

The event was well supported by parents and family friends etc, and actually made the charity over £250 which helped no end in purchasing the equipment they wanted. 

Putting together the show tonight reminded me of that, as well as sparking memories about the Christmas events we ran, where I had to don elf-ears for a quiz, play the part of the evil step-mother in a community panto, and host party dancers for the entertainment of numerous primary school kids!

It’s a surprise that I’m not at a holiday park to be honest, mind you…. They all have pools! I hope the work of the Edwinstowe Lions inspires you to do your bit, because honestly there is no better satisfaction that seeing the end result.

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