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NEWS IN FOCUS | Alcoholism

15th February 2017
News, News In Focus

NEWS IN FOCUS | Alcoholism

This week’s News In Focus program takes a look at Alcoholism and in particular, how the issue is discussed and viewed – as a Mansfield Woodhouse writer releases her debut novel, themed heavily on Alcoholism.

63 Year Old K L Loveley from Mansfield Woodhouse penned “Alice” which tells the harrowing tale of how that glass of wine to take the edge off, spirals out of control as protagonist Alice nears breaking point.

Former nurse Katie-Lilly takes Alice on a journey through alcoholism tackling the subject head on, presenting an empathetic account of a spiralling addiction and the resulting pattern of hopelessness that many fall into.

Drawing upon over forty years’ experience in the NHS, the story follows Alice, a mother of two and step mother to four, and her journey goes from when life’s problems first begin to scratch away at her self-esteem and follow her in her gradual, but steady, decline.

Alice addresses the seriousness of addiction and shows us the importance of love and support for an addict with astounding accuracy.

Katie-Lilly explained why Alcoholism took centre stage “My work involved aspects of Public Health and social issue and I was reading through a journal one day and I realised that female drinking habits were really changing.”

“I wanted to give a story that reflected this so I wrote “Alice” because I felt it reflected the struggles of many women who’ve found themselves in circumstances beyond their control – women who in their twenties saw themselves with a long and happy future ahead of them, husband two-point-five children nice home good career etc, but the reality for some women is these aspirations and dreams are shattered when the family unit is broke up as a result of divorce and they may follow a different path like a sliding doors situation”

Also on this week’s show, Sandra McNair from the NSPCC talks about new figures released by the charity ahead of “Children of Alcoholics” week and Ben Butler, the Marketing and Communications director of Drinkaware, speaks about the charity’s app to help monitor a person’s alcohol intake.  

You can hear this week’s program on Thursday (16th February) with Craig Priest 6-7pm - Click HERE for more from News In Focus 

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