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Mansfield Singer To Perform After Her Idol

31st July 2018
News, Mansfield

Lauren Faye Moss will be performing at an afterparty on Scarborough following Britney Spears' live show in the town later this month.

She has been a singer and actress since the young age of 4, attending private lessons and theatre schools .

Lauren trained classically throughout her childhood, and has continued to into her adulthood, alongside whichever genre her career path has taken her musically.

This versatile talent has experienced once in a life time opportunities, and has worked with and for some of the biggest house hold names to date.
As a young child, Lauren suffered at the hands of bullies, due to the way she walked. At the age of 7, she began suffering with a severe disease in her hips, which spread morbidly from one side, into the left, as it was not diagnosed quickly enough.
For 4 years, she walked in a Charlie Chaplin fashion, and was bullied severely for this. Eventually, after almost 4 years of her mum begging doctors to have her seen by a specialist, Lauren was seen, x-rayed and operated on within 24 hours, as the disease had spread so far that her hips had slipped out of place completely, and she had to have them both pinned back in place, at the age of 11.

Lauren sincerely believes that singing, acting, and imitating Disney characters are what kept her on track, and made her feel as though she belonged some where. Attending classes whilst ill at Stagecoach Theatre Arts, and Directions Theatre Arts. Throughout this, she gained alot of weight, due to being unable to move around, and throughout her teens reached her highest weight of 19 and a half stone . 
However, by the age of 19, she applied for BBC talent show 'Hot Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria', which looked for undiscovered talent to play Maria Von Trapp in the stage show of 'The Sound of Music'. Lauren made it to the final 20 girls. 

She said, "I remember watching it and thinking, that's not how (19.5 stone) I wish to be perceived in the public eye."

Then Lauren lost a whopping 9 stone, goig from a size 24 to size 8, within 2 years, having to tailor her training to accommodate her health issues . 

Lauren had a full hip replacement at the age of 28, and 2 years on, she is waiting for the other to be replaced also . 

She is determined not to let it beat her, and says ,"singing is still my form of release, my passion and I remember watching Britney Spears, Anastacia and The Spice Girls, thinking, I wish I looked like that. That was my drive for losing weight and keeping healthy. I blame Britney!"
Lauren trained in the West end, as well as locally, and has performed in prestigious venues such as, The Royal Albert Hall, Her Majesty's theatre, The London Palladium, Manchester Apollo, The City Hall, Sheffield, and many more. There has also been a lot of studio work up and down the UK and in America with and for many well known artists like; Donny Osmond, Olivia Newton John, Bryan Adams, The Spice Girls, Gary Barlow and Nicole Scherzinger.

Lauren lived in the USA for a period of time and represented the UK on an American TV show which was set to air in Asia and the US also .

She continues to work with various major artists as a backing vocalist and studio vocalist, but has her own projects also . 

As a songwriter and singer, she is an artist in her own right, and performs country music as the female half of the country duo 'Chaplin ', as well as also being a solo artist. 
Lauren spoke about Britney and the impact she had on her as a child, "I'd watch the likes of Britney Spears, and wish I could look and be like her, and as I began the weight loss regime, I'd secretly have Britney set as my phone screensaver, as a goal for myself!" 

She added, "I work as a multi tribute artist, and female vocalist, internationally. It's a great job to have, as it's thoroughly enjoyed, and is never monotonous. I love the costumes, and the wigs, and I'm lucky as I'm extremely versatile, therefore cover most female icons, that I can soundalike and look a little like " 

"When I was asked to perform as Britney at the official Britney Spears after show party, on the same day as her performance, I was incredibly honoured, and simply couldn't resist! Britney is set to make an appearance, which would be an absolute dream come true. Artists such as her were my inspiration career wise, and helped me through a period in my life that I associate with being a very difficult for me, for health reasons."
Lauren will be performing at L'Amour nightclub in Scarborough on Frida 17th August after Britney has given fans at the Scarborough Open Air Theatre the show of a lifetime earlier in the evening.

Here's a link to the event on Lauren's Facebook page.


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