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​Mansfield Police Urge Drivers To Be Vigilant

18th October 2016
Mansfield, Ashfield

Mansfield Police Urge Drivers To Be Vigilant

An inquest has heard that a young Sutton soldier died in a 3 vehicle collision just months after passing her driving test.

Private Hazel Fox suffered severe head injuries after the car she was driving suffered ‘catastrophic damage’ after colliding with another car and a lorry.

Mansfield Police Inspector Nick Butler says it highlights the need for motorists to be more vigilant on the roads, “There is nothing sadder than when someone loses their life through a momentary lapse in concentration and this is what we are trying to prevent. Everybody does it, we jump in our cars, and we take our children to school. We often do not even think about driving, driving is a bit like walking we do not think about it, but we need to and we need to concentrate.”

Inspector Butler added this piece of advice, “So all we are asking people to do really is please think about driving, concentrate and just take it seriously.”

The advice from Mansfield Police comes at the point as the weather starts to become colder where the roads will become more precarious for drivers in our area.

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