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Mansfield Community Hub Launched

14th November 2016

Mansfield Community Hub Launched

10 months on since plans were announced the Mansfield Community Partnership Hub was launched today.

It brings together the work of Nottinghamshire Police and Mansfield District Council to provide a ‘joined up approach to dealing with crime, disorder and safety issues’.

Inspector Nick Butler spoke about the benefits that the new hub will bring, “We have problem solving plans that are in place which the council, the police, the fire (service) are all contributing too and that actually is already in place. This is building on what we have already got in Mansfield , this great foundation and just taking it to the next level.”

The opening of the hub just comes less than a month after a state of the art CCTV system was launched which will be able to support the community safety team in their efforts to more effectivelt monitor crime and disorder.

Deputy Mayor Mick Barton spoke about the obstacles that had to be overcome in the opening of the hub which has been delayed several times, “We have come across some barriers, but it is nothing we couldn’t sort out. We have got a lot of sensible pepole around the table and now I think we will be leaders in things like this, so it is exciting for everybody.”

The hub is located at the Mansfield Civic Centre.

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