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8th August 2017
Sport, News, Team Talk


Listen again to this weeks Team Talk, as Mansfield Hosiery Mills’ over-seas bowler Dylan Barmby joins James Brandon in the Team Talk studio.

Kimberly bowler Chris Glover also joins the panel to celebrate taking his 150thNotts Premier League wicket recently. The playing duo, who meet on the field at the weekend, join James and Peter Johnson to chat all things NPL, life as an overseas player, Notts Outlaws, England and much more.

With two guests in the studio, there’s also a double helping of ‘Quick Cricket’ – can either Dylan or Chris topple Ian Parkin or Paul Johnson from the top of the table?

Also this week, Craig Priest bring us the weekly round-up, and Peter Jones chats to Gareth Pursehouse [Cuckney] and Matt Wright [Mansfield Hosiery Mills]

Listen to this weeks show below  

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Quick Cricket

With two studio guests this week, it was a double edition of Quick Cricket - here's the questions & answers faced by Dylan and Chris....


Which C holds the record for the most wickets in a Test series with 44 against South Africa in 1935–36 for Australia? CLARRIE Clarrie Grimmett

Which R is a type of bird, and the nick name of league two football side Cheletenham Town? ROBINS

Which I is the country typically associated with Gaelic sports Handball and football? IRELAND

Which C was a member of the Australian swimming team that won the gold medal in the 4 × 100 metre freestyle relay at the 2012 Summer Olympics? CATE CAMPBELL (Either Cate OR Campbell will be accepted!)

Which K is the son of former Manchester United goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel? KASPER (Kasper Schmeichel)

Which E were beaten 9-1 by the Netherlands in the opening game of the four nations hockey tournament? ENGLAND


And finally which T partnered Tom King at the 2000 Summer Olympics winning gold for host nation Australia in the men’s 470 sailing? TURNBULL (Mark Turnbull)


Which C were beaten in the Community Shield final, on the new style ABBA penalties yesterday by Arsenal? CHELSEA

Which R scored the first goal of Mansfield Town’s sky bet League Two season at Crewe over the weekend? ROSE (Danny Rose) 

Which I beat fellow brit David Lynn to the Moroccan Open golf championship title in April 2001? IAIN (Iain Poulter)

Which C won gold at the 2004 summer Olympics for Team GB, as part of the men’s 4 x 100m relay team? CAMPBELL (Darren Campbell)

Which K won the Notts Premier League and Notts T20 cup in 2015? KIMBERLEY!

Which E was appointed as Notts County’s director of football in 2009, following the takeover of the club by Munto Finance?  ERIKSSON (Sven-Göran Eriksson)


And finally which T was the first player to play on the winning side for two different teams in FA Cup finals in successive seasons? TALBORT (Brian Talbort- playing for Ipswich/Arsenal)


Contestant Runs Time Penalties Total Score
Ian Parkin 36 00:00:42  1 36 Runs in 00:00:48
Paul Johnson 36 00:00:42  1 36 Runs in 00:00:48
Paul Franks 30 00:00:49 2 30 Runs in 00:00:57
James Brandon 30 00:00:58 2 30 Runs in 00:01:06
Craig Priest 24 00:00:35 3 24 Runs in 00:00:47
Peter Jones 24 00:00:56 3 24 Runs in 00:01:08
Sam Johnson 24 00:01:05 3 24 Runs in 00:01:21
Matt New 24 00:01:38 3 24 Runs in 00:01:50
Michael Blatherwick 18 00:00:49 4 18 Runs in 00:01:05
Chris Glover 18 00:01:00 4 18 Runs in 00:01:16
Dylan Bharmby  18 00:01:12 4 18 Runs in 00:01:28
Peter Johnson 18 00:01:15 4 18 Runs in 00:01:31
Chris Priest 18 00:01:24 4 18 Runs in 00:01:40
Ian Dipaolo 18 00:01:40 4 18 Runs in 00:01:56


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