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​LISTEN AGAIN | News In Focus - Sexting & Cyber Safety

18th November 2016
Matt Freeman, News In Focus

LISTEN AGAIN | News In Focus - Sexting & Cyber Safety

This week’s News In Focus, which investigated the dangers of sexting and cyber bullying, is now available to hear again.

As part of national Anti-Bullying Week, The program explores the dangers of “sexting” in relation to online bullying and discovers more about how schools in our area are combatting the issue.

Recently over 50 teachers from schools across the district, attending a special safeguarding workshop on sexting and became the first teachers in the country to do so.

Charlotte Aynsly is an online safety consultant who delivered the training “Personally I think we should try and forget the fact there’s probably 20,000 new (messaging) apps per day and think about it as a kind of parenting or teacher duty to safeguard children, because if we get wrapped up in the numbers and new apps that exist everyday we’ll just stop doing things because it will be to overwhelming.”

“If you were bullied back when I was at school, you could go to the sanctity of your own home, but now you’re always switched on as lots of children take devices to bed with them. I would say keep your device away from you when you go to bed, you need some downtime to stop thinking about all the things that are going on out there”

News In Focus – Sexting & Cyber Safety PRESENTER – Matt Freeman  PRODUCER – Craig Priest  FIRST AIRED – Thursday 17th November 2016

Click HERE to listen to the programme.

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