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​LISTEN AGAIN | News In Focus – Fears

2nd December 2016
News In Focus

LISTEN AGAIN | News In Focus – Fears

This week’s News In Focus, which took a look at facing upto fears, is now online to hear again.

The program heard from a charity which challenged people to face fears whilst doing so in the name of charity, and also took a very unique look at one of the most common fears – going to the dentist.

Titchfield Dental Clinic kindly allowed the News In Focus team behind the scenes as it carried out dental surgery on a willing(ish!) patient in a bid to show that dental fear is a myth.   

Lourens du Toit, a dental surgeon at the Clinic, said “We are constantly taking on new patients, so dental phobia is still a reality unfortunately – but I think patients tend to focus on preventative care now. I think most of us know the basics but like with anything, we’re all taught by our parents how to brush our teeth but they’re not necessarily knowledge on the subject.”

News In Focus “Face Your Fear” PRESENTER Craig Priest FIRST AIRED Thursday 1st December 2016


Click on the picture below for more on News In Focus. 

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