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Labour retain seat in Yeoman Hill By-Election.

9th September 2016

Labour retain seat in Yeoman Hill By-Election.

The Mansfield labour group have retained their seat in the by-election, which took place in Yeoman Hill last night. (Thursday 8th September)

John Coxhead will now server the ward on Mansfield District council, after receiving just shy of half the votes, beating candidates from the Conservatives, UKIP, Mansfield Independent Forum, along with 1 independent candidate.

Reacting to his victory, Mr Coxhead said: “With my previous activities within local government, it’s usually been a two horse race, but having five of us setting off out of the stand, it was a very interesting race all round.”

Mr Coxhead’s victory comes just days after the national labour party leader, Jeremy Corbyn spoke at a rally in Nottingham.

When questioned on whether ‘the Corbyn factor’ assisted in his victory, John said: “I think most of it was generated by the hard work the local labour party did, along with neighbouring constituencies who also came to help.”

The turnout was 23.5% (out of an electorate of 2,592). The results were as follows:

Coxhead, John Edward - Labour Party - 278 votes (elected)

Hamilton, David - UKIP - 105 votes

Redfern, Daniel Leslie - Conservative - 41 votes 

Shields, Philip - Independent - 36 votes

Williams, Neil Albert = Mansfield Independent Forum - 148 votes

1 ballot paper was rejected.

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