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Jail For Woodhouse Cannabis Farmer Who Hid In Wheelie Bin

23rd June 2022
News, Mansfield

Jail For Woodhouse Cannabis Farmer Who Hid In Wheelie Bin

A cannabis farmer was sniffed out by a police dog as he tried and failed to hide in a wheelie bin.

Armando Hysaj, aged 25, fled from a house in The Rushes, Mansfield Woodhouse, when a bailiff carried out a warrant for non-payment of gas and electric. 

A strong smell of cannabis was noticed and police were called on the morning of 7 February this year. 

Hearing officers arrive, Hysaj fled the property in a desperate bid to avoid capture. 

Suspecting he was still nearby, officers began a search of the area with the help of Police Dog Yogi, who soon picked up a scent and led his handler to a wheelie bin in nearby Waterdown Close. 

More than 150 cannabis – with a street value of more than £90,000 – were found inside the house. 

Hysaj, formerly of the Rushes, Mansfield Woodhouse, later pleaded guilty to producing cannabis. 

Appearing at Nottingham Crown Court yesterday (Wednesday) he was jailed for eight months. 

PC Shaun Healey, of Nottinghamshire Police, said: “Cannabis production on this scale is an extremely serious offence that also poses considerable risks to neighbouring properties. 

“These kind of grows generate huge amounts of heat and often contain dangerous and overloaded electrical systems which can easily lead to a fire. 

“They can also attract incidents of serous violence from rival criminals who wish to get their hands on the drugs within. 

“The officers – and dog – involved in this case did a great job to locate Hysaj so quickly and I am pleased he has now been bought to justice. 

“He may have thought a wheelie bin to be a good hiding place, but in reality it was no match for a well-trained police dog.”