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​It's A Carve Up

26th October 2016

It's A Carve Up

So after whittling away at a pumpkin for over 5 hours at the weekend here is the final result which I promised I would show you.

It’s supposed to be a cabin in the woods! 

Not the best carving you’ll ever see but it won’t be the worst either.

I hope you have lots of exciting things planned for Halloween next Monday.

Sadly as I’m home alone on the 31st I may have to have a one man game of apple bobbing.

Don’t worry I’ll make sure I have some sweets on hand if I get any ghouls come a knocking at the door.

It won’t be the same as last year though. Sarah and I had lots of fun with it and played Michael Jackson’s Thriller at high volume whilst using a laser and smoke machine when children came to trick or treat. Some of the youngsters thought the house was on fire and ran away. That might have had something to do with the firearm going off as well. 

The things our neighbours have to put up with when we’re trying to be spooky and kooky, like the Forest Town equivalent to The Adams Family.       

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