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Is this the face of the new Doctor Who

9th September 2016

It's about time - from Mike Bargh

As long as I can remember I’ve been obsessed with Doctor Who and always wanted to own my own Dalek or anything from the show really, so over the last 20 years I have been making, buying and acquiring various props from the show.  I now have a small collection which now means… the work on my Dalek and K9 continue and as always problems seem to come back time after time – I’m sure they do it on purpose! I am trying to get things sorted so my mate Rob and I can get out fundraising again, we like to attend charity do’s and people make a donation to have their picture taken with one of our props, we then donate the funds to charity.  I want to thank Rose and Daz from Selston for their help too, we had a chat that went along the lines of: 

Barghy I think I can help you with your Dalek! Brill thank you what have you got? Well I think I have some motors – give me a list of things you need. Thanks, it's an ongoing problem keeping things working! Here is a list of things I need:

It was quite a list! But we're working through it! My K9 model always breaks down at the most crucial times so I’m trying to sort it once and for all, let’s hope that it works this time – I will let you know!!

Join me on Sunday mornings from 8 o’clock for more music and chat, as always the interactive weekend will be on and I will be asking for your favourite song request from the 70’s, 80’s or 90’s. Thank you, if you've sent a destination clues for my phantom phone box to land in, every week I jump into my time machine at 9.15 and materialise somewhere in Mansfield, Ashfield or Balsover, I then give you a clue to the location and the race will be on to get on the roll of honour first.

If you'd like to send me a location clue email

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Mike Bargh

Mike is the presenter of the breakfast show, "Breakfast with Barghy".

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