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Hedgehog Hero Needs Help

22nd March 2017
News, Mansfield

A Mansfield based Hedgehog Rescue Centre is appealing for your help to reach its goal and buy a shed and insulate for their hedgehog rescue so they can continue to rescue more. Jacqui Taylor of ‘For The Love Of Hogs’ Rescue already has over half of the £900 she needs to be able to support some more spiky friends.

The decline in the number of Hedgehogs is alarming as the population has dropped from almost 36 million in the 1950s to under one million.

Jacqui had this piece of advice, “They need highways. People need to be aware if you are putting a brand new fence up, put a hole in there. They need to be able to walk through all the immediate gardens around them to survive.”

On Jacqui’s JustGiving page she states, “I want our grandchildren and generations on to have the same enjoyment and love for hedgehogs, the main reason for decline is manmade, putting roads down traffic, building into their habitat, putting barriers up like brick walls and fencing and leaving no holes for them to get through.”

You can visit the JustGiving ( page to find out more about Jacqui’s mission to ensure Hedgehog numbers in this area buck the trend and start to rise.



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