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​Employment up by almost five percent in East Midlands

14th September 2016

Employment up by almost five percent in East Midlands

The number of people out of work in the East Midlands has once again fallen, despite fears the figure could rise in the wake of Britain’s decision to leave the E.U.

The figure dropped by 4,000 between the months of May and July, meaning the total number of people unemployed in the region sits at just over 100,000.

Caroline Cox from the Mansfield 2020 business group believes the figures are testament to the hard work being put in by businesses across the area.

“It shows that what we’re doing locally is having a knock-on effect. We champion everything that our business community is doing, and our business economy is growing, which is proven by those figures.” 

However Sherwood’s MP, Mark Spencer believes there is still work to be done: 

“Let’s not be complacent, it’s good news that unemployment has come down again, but we need to keep pushing on.

“We still need to keep generating more jobs in the economy so that more people can find work, and maintain their own families.”

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