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​County Council reassure residents ahead of winter weather

17th October 2016

County Council reassure residents ahead of winter weather

Nottinghamshire County Council and its new joint venture company 'Via East Midlands' say they are fully prepared ahead of the forthcoming winter season. 

A report to the county council’s Transport and Highways Committee details new ideas which have been introduced during the course of recent months to help bolster resources ahead of the winter season. 

Nottinghamshire County Council’s four salt barns are already full, giving it 12,000 tonnes more salt stockpiled than official government recommendations. 

Overall, the council has the capacity to store around 20,000 tonnes of salt –18,000 tonnes of it under cover. Checking and refilling of the 1,300 roadside grit bins has already begun and deliveries of salt to parish councils are planned for November. 

 There are 31 gritting lorries in the fleet, two gritting tractor units and two towable gritting units which can be used in severe weather – tracked by GPS technology. 

 Dozens of volunteer snow wardens are once again on hand to assist in rural areas if the weather turns bad. 

Some of the new initiatives/plans for the first time this winter season include: 

Three new four-wheel drive gritting vehicles will increase resilience for coping in severe weather and will join the fleet on hilly terrain in Ashfield 

A new weather station joins the countywide network on the A608 at Annesley Woodhouse – a key high spot in the west of Nottinghamshire, and features a roadside camera to monitor road surface conditions 

Councillor Kevin Greaves, Committee Chairman for Transport and Highways, at Nottinghamshire County Council, said: “We plan for winter all year round and we are in a strong position and ready for the months ahead. 

“We always give a high priority to winter maintenance and our preparations mean we will be ready to act as soon as any bad weather arrives.” 

Garry Chadburn, Team Manager for Electrical and Environmental Maintenance for Via East Midlands, which is managing highways services on behalf of Nottinghamshire County Council, said: “Our gritting teams are already on low-risk standby during October so we are poised and ready to treat our gritting routes as and when it is needed.” 

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