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Barghy's New Year Tidy Up ​

10th January 2017

Barghy's New Year Tidy Up 

Now it's 2017 my partner Lyn and I decided that it was time to have a clear out in the house and my workshop. 

The idea was to get shut of the bits that we don't really use and make some space at Barghy towers. 

I don't like to throw things out straight away because you never know when you might need them again so I decided I would put everything in my small shed. 

Unfortunately things didn't go quite to plan.

Basically I'd stacked all of the stuff on top of each other and I brushed past the tower getting to our spare freezer to get some mince and the mountain of stuff fell on top of me. 

The picture shows how messy it is and I'm now determined to sort everything out and do a run to the tip.

If you're doing a bit of a New Year clear out maybe you could take my stuff down to one of the council recycling centres aswell, it would save me the journey! 

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Mike Bargh

Mike is the presenter of the breakfast show, "Breakfast with Barghy".